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г. - More than 1, young people have been charged by police in Denmark with distributing sexually explicit material. They are accused of using Facebook Messenger to share indecent video clips of two year-olds having sex. Police said it could amount to distribution of indecent images of children, as the. Преди 17 часа - On the day of its opening, described as "hectic" by the owners, Doll House, Denmark's first sex doll brothel, served 18 customers. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the BDSM room was the most visited. г. - READ MORE: Over a thousand Danish youths charged for sharing sex video. Court ruling. The prosecution had sought a day prison sentence on the basis that the man had shared pornographic material involving a minor (unders), but the court acknowledged his young age and co-operation...

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Denmark's leading source for news in English. The owners described the customers as "the shy type who doesn't dare to go to a regular prostitute," "the neglected man who doesn't get enough attention at home" or "people with a fetish. Inside the Doll House, a hostess shows customers around and instructs on the dos and the don'ts of doll sex, i. Sexy new ad tells Danes to 'do it for mom! Incidentally the latter room drew the most customers. Instructions to recover your password have been sent to. Apparently it would take just 1.

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Danish police charge more than 1, young people with distributing sexually explicit material. They are. г. - Facebook data on who shared the video was sent to Europol, who passed it on to Danish investigators. Photograph: Graeme Robertson for the Guardian. The two teenagers at the centre of the Facebook sex video case dividing Denmark are deeply unhappy at a police decision to revisit the offence, their. г. - This may come as surprise to many men biking home alone from the local. Danish women quickest to have sex on the first date..

Danish surgeon's boob ads cause Swedish fuss. By contrast, Maria Nielsen saw a bright future for her enterprise as a place for people to implement their fantasies "in a safe way. A sex og kærlighed thai tantra massage århus man was given a day suspended prison sentence at a Randers court yesterday for sharing a widely-viewed video on Facebook featuring unders involved in sexual activity. If found guilty, the suspects will likely receive a fine or a day suspended sentence, both of which would give them a criminal record lasting up to 10 years, police said. A video shot without permission of the teenagers engaging in sexual acts at a party three years ago, when both were 15, was shared by Danish teenagers on social media in and early before gradually falling out of circulation.

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Police said it could amount to distribution of indecent images of children, as the two people filmed are under For all advertising enquiries, please contact: Danes falling victim to online 'sextortion'. Many young Danes approve 'sugar dating'. The overall result will be a set of legal parameters that will define the limits of the actions brought against future defendants charged with a similar offence. Earlier this week, the investigation of over 1, people over the distribution of two explicit videos and one image was announced by Denmark's National Police. Despite rising public interest, sexologist Jakob Olrik has argued that sex dolls will never replace sex between two people. In announcing the investigation, police said that they hope it makes young people more aware that explicit images of this kind are illegal to possess and can result in criminal conviction.

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Fishing boat gets stuck in Danish ice, collides with bridge. Preben Bang Henriksen, who speaks on legal matters for the governing Liberal party, told the Politiken newspaper that he would consider moves to change the law if the teenagers were prosecuted for child pornography.

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